SEO for Amazon Alexa Shopping Search Engine

Search engine optimization in catalogues of shopping sites or app directories is as important to merchants and app providers as seo on the web in general. In the case of Alexa, Amazon’s own search engine, there is a further and growing importance, because Alexa in integrated in Echo, Amazon’s smarthome device. Users of Echo are able to search and shop by voice commands.

The article The Complete Guide to Amazon Alexa SEO explains the correlation between Alexa and Echo. Entry point is the general seo for Alexa. An exemplary important factor is the highlighting of products by a Amazon recommendation (Amazon’s Choice). Products recommended this way are preferred suggestions, when a user searches for a product using Alexa via Echo. According to this preference the seo for the Alexa shopping engine is the foundation to optimization for voice search via Echo.

The article illustrates this context and includes a guide to optimize for the Alexa shopping search engine: The Complete Guide to Amazon Alexa SEO.

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