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Content marketing and search engine optimization are well known to having become closer. Good content serves the appetite of search engines and facilitates a good presence on the internet both at the search engines and by being worth to be shared. This trend offers chances to create a new generation of seo tools in the context of content marketing.

Such a tool is The service itself even mentions public relation in its self description: „Consumer Insight for PR in the Age of Google“.

The tool is supporting the strategic approach of creating useful content. In particular it creates questions based on the search behaviour of people. These questions become generated after submitting a keyword at the mask at the homepage. Submitted keywords may be everything e.g. a product or a topic. Beside real questions a list of related longtail search phrases are created under the header „prepositions“ and a list of commonly used search phrases.

Each form of these results may be used for a particular purpose. The questions are an ideal way to start a creative process to write an article and especially to start a process to write useful content, which helps to answer the question of people. A most promising tactic. Using a question in the header might make sense as well.

Some further insights into the complex relationship of search engine optimization and content marketing today is given by the article What do content marketers need to know about SEO?. Here again is the link to the completely free seo and content marketing tool

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