Study on Video Use of Young People

A study about online video use by young people has been published by Defy Media. In part the study observed the behavior of 54 people followed by interviews. Additionally an online study has been conducted among 1300 young people in the age from 13 to 24, according to Digital Content Next.

The results show a strong change in the behavior of video consumption, which is in accordance to various forms of online video being available today. Not just the source of visual entertainment and information has changed. Young people use video for various purposes ranging from entertainment and eduction to communications. Exemplary for the changed behavior are the booming live video services as well as the mobile messenging app SnapChat.

SnapChat is known to be a new video source primarily used by youngsters. The service delivers about 10 billion daily video views. But beside some initiatives by SnapChat itself to deliver video content to its users, which may be described by being in an early or experimental stage, most of the consumed videos are exchanged between the users. In a statement about this phenomenon an SnapChat official stated, that video is not just a part of so called „stories“, but „stories“ aka communications do start with video. This fact is fostered by making the video function available at the start screen of the app (Snapchat User „Stories“ Fuel 10 Billion Daily Video Views).

To learn more about the behavior of video consumption by young people, you may access the Defy Media study by the following link: Youth Video Diet.

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