B2B Marketing Trends

Email marketing remains one of the most important instruments in b2b marketing. But there are some moves regarding the importance for the future. Content marketing is of high importance as well and it gets the highest priorization regarding the importance for the next year. Regarding priorization for the next twelve month marketing automation and lead generation are mentioned next and before seo and crm, which are still leading instruments regarding the current importance.

Other most often generally cited technologies like personalization, big data and predictive analytics as well as programmatic advertising are of less importance in b2b marketing. This may especially wonder regarding big data and predictive analytics and might be caused by the size of surveyed enterprises.

Further shifts are awaited regarding the kind of content. Currently blogs are of the highest importance followed by white papers, webinars and video. But it is video, which is expected to get the highest attention over the next year.

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