Google Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015

The search engine optimizers of MOZ are the topic of the first post after a summer break. MOZ released the study of the Google ranking factors 2015. These ranking factors are the result of a survey of about 150 search engine marketing professionals.

The study shows that search engine optimization is not dead as it has been discussed often lately. Reasons to discuss this issue have been various trends like personalization of search or social networking as well as the decision by Google to hide the traffic funnel originated by keywords used by searchers.

Opposed to this discussion relatively easy means like the popularity of links have been found to be of most importance regarding the ranking within search results. The same applies to keywords to describe a subject. But further important parameters are of newer origin. These other important ranking factors are engagement, brands and social metrics.

Of interest regarding Google penalties caused by supposed search engine spam is a new rubric summarizing counterproductive factors having a negative influence on the ranking. This approach has been introduced in this MOZ article for the first time.

Furthermore the current study has a new structure opposed to former ones, which listed around 200 search engine ranking factors. The current study is assorted by important factors and mentions further issues either strengthening or weakening these factors.

The complete results on search engine optimization for Google are made available by the following link: Search Engine Ranking Factors 2015.

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