Online Advertising Aggregator targets Publishers

Publisher desk is the description ChalkSocial is using to describe its service. The name suggests it would be a social advertising service, but this is not the case. The service of ChalkSocial consists of the aggregation of various and various kind of online advertising services to maximize the revenues of publishers. Some of these partner services are advertising exchanges, which means the service of ChalkSocial is going beyond this matter.

ChalkSocial provides ad tags to publishers, which enable to deliver adverts and campaigns created at its partner sites. These partners consist of big advertising companies including Google, OpenX, Rubicon and Switch as well as (further) advertising exchanges, retargeting services, demand side platforms and agency trading desks. Furthermore analytics and verification services have partnered to ensure the measurement of success and delivery. The intention of the service is to optimize the filling of the inventory of websites. To get further information visit ChalkSocial.

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