Interactive Video will require creative Video Formats

Up to now interactive video has been used in niches primarily. Examples are music videos. Whereas the technology is available for a while already to be used in ecommerce, it has not been adopted by many marketeres. Reasons are missing reach and preferences of the audience for other platforms like video sharing sites without the support of interactive video. This changed by the introduction of YouTube Info Cards, which are available both on YouTube and TrueView video ads by Google.

How will this effect the creation of videos and video advertising? Info Cards are a new mean of design and do serve particular purposes at the same time. Especially to video advertising reaching the purposes effectively and optimization of this process makes sense. Consequently the impact of interactive video on design and creativity will be immense.

The Info Card feature has been introduced in March. Now the first experiences and case studies become available. The following article reports about a TrueView campaign by a content network dedicated to food and lifestyle. The campaign used the already proven concept of how to videos. The product and its advantages are explained. Furthermore and by cooperation with a payment solution provider viewers have become able to purchase the product directly from within the video: Commerce Enabled Video.

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