Marketing Automation for Seach Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is known as a continous process and what seems more logical than to automate this process. But marketing automation is rather known from email marketing for example than seo. This is due despite of well known tools to create keywords for search engine advertising or apps to automaticly create landing pages. This is different to on page optimization, which usually is done by experts. To this purpose the following services are designed. These tools mentioned in an article by SearchEngineWatch are delivering different results, but do have something in common. The tools automaticly create optimized pages and there is no need of programming skills.

The first seo solution is the Website Optimizer by rio seo. The application automaticly creates optimized versions of already existing pages and replaces these pages. By analytics functions the results are controlled to become further optimized. The process is documented by a history, which enables to compare the performance of former pages and those created by the seo solution.

The solution by SLI Systems is especially dedicated to shops. It is based on a site search, which is the core solution of SLI. The site search analyses the behaviour of visitors and stores the terms and phrases used to search within a site. The solution uses these terms and phrases to create additional pages, which leads to more visitors and customers.

The third tool is youramigo. This solution generates additional pages as well. It happens by commonly used keyword not being in use on the site, which needs to be optimized. The keywords become researched by artificial intelligence analyzing the global search behavior. Relevant keywords become matched to the content of a site and additional pages containing additional keywords and phrases become generated.

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