Influencer Marketing Tool combines Competitive Analytics

The influencer marketing tool klear, previously twtrland, has reinvented itself. Having formerly served Twitter marketing alone it now goes beyond by serving social media marketing in general. The service is most interesting by not just serving influencer marketing needs but by offering comprehensive social media analytics and competitive analytics.

The central part of klear is the influencer targeting. This happens by providing a list of potential partners with the parameters popularity, reach and relevance. Additionally there are profiles about particular influencers with more detailed information like demographics and surroundings of their followers. Potential partners may become organized in lists and by personas.

In the same way detailed like the information about the influencers are the reporting features. These do provide general information about the performance of social media activities as well as the impact of particular influencers being engaged.

Such information is available as well about own followers. The information available includes their influence and information about their surroundings. This is a most promising option by evaluating that own followers are most engaged.

The competitive analytics feature are in the same way comprehensive. There is a global overview of the own performance compared to the competition regarding brand awareness. Furthermore these analytics tools enable to get insights about succesful campaigns of competitors and the influencers they cooperated to distribute information.

At all klear does what its name suggests. It provides a broad transparency in influencer marketing: klear.

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