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Content marketing affects online marketing strategies already for some time, mainly caused by the sharing economy, collecting favorites or various publishing formats especially blogging. Now content marketing matured and insights are available about successful content marketing approaches, which are summarized in a slide show by the Content Marketing Institute.

The accompanying text about the publication „The State of Content Marketing 2015“ is describing that companies understand content marketing as a strategy, but do not have a fixed procedure to achieve their goals. Success rather happens suddenly and overnight, without really recognizing a particular cause. Nevertheless, content marketing has matured and if there is a common approach and success, it is continuity. The way to reach particular goals is curvy and furthermore it is depending on subjects and the organization of an enterprise. But content marketing is seen to be so important that it has an influence on the processes how marketing departments are working or even how the whole organization of a company becomes involved. The following article includes a slide show and provides further information: The State of Content Marketing 2015 – Stronger with a Twist of Scale.

Continuity being a success factor has been noted already with quality content being ahead. According to the matured state content marketers today may use a whole set of tools. It starts with tools to get ideas or to be aware about buzz topics on the net and proceeds with tools to meet the continuity criteria by planning the publishing process or time shifted publishing to meet the largest active groups of users by day time. Publishing may be accompanied by reaching out to influencers and at the end there are analytics tools. Such a set of tools is shared within this article: Content Marketing Pro shares 10 essential Tools for Success.

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