Social Media Analytics dedicated to Content Marketing

Social media analytics regarding content marketing creates transparency about the events of shared content. If you aim to compete with other companies being in the content marketing game the following social media analytics and marketing tools will serve you.

The first one is Social Crawlytics, which is explicitly dedicated to competitive analytics. It shows at which points and by whom the content of the competition is shared on the social web. The application uses the domain as the point of origin and measures the shares of content related to a domain aka content pages. By analyzing who shared the content and how often the tool is able to indentify influencers. Now it is easy to either publish content targeted to these influencers or to contact them directly. Social Crawlytics is providing the app for free even on the enterprise level. By an api the data may even become transferred into own systems: Social Crawlytics.

Sociative is the second service, which is already on the market for a while and which has launched a new tool lately. Being a content delivery platform providing content to be implemented into sites, the launched tool Sociative Streams is giving insights in the process how content is found. It identifies shared content and is naming the influencers as well. To search for a particular topic and even niches a comfortable search function is available, which is working with operators and enables to search within a time frame: Sociative Streams.

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