Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Podcasting, downloading audio or video files using subscription to news feeds, booms. It has reached a new all-time high of subscribers and downloads, driven by technological progress and availability of compatible car media devices and smartphones. The numbers are impressive, Digital Content Next reports that downloads on iTunes are in the billions. Media companies being active in podcasting as well report of constantly increasing numbers.

What are the opportunities for online marketing? In principle there is advertising in podcasts or the option to create your own podcasts. Podcast networks, mostly run by media companies or specialized services, currently sprout like mushrooms from the soil in the US and so it is not difficult to find ad space.

The podcast network usually announce the opporunity to place ads in a prominent position on their homepages not to be overlooked. Furthermore services specialized in so called podvertising are launched and support podcasters by a share a ad revenues. Compared to the first boom with high ad prices reasoned in the innovative character the current advertising costs are moderate. Recently launched are audiometric and Midroll, being on the market for a while already are Archer Ave, Podcast One Sales, Podtrac and Radio Active Media.

A particularity of podvertising is the direct sponsorship of podcasts, which may either happen by direct contact or by contact via a podcast advertising network again. Since podcasts are often designed very personal sponsorship of podcasts is very common. The podcasters in consultation with the sponsors create the ads, speak the ads or do integrate them into a podcast episode.

The broad acceptance of podcasts also provides opportunities to companies in general as well. Podcasts are characterized by niches and so focused information can be offered to interested clients in the spirit of content marketing enriching the marketing instruments a company.

What about the future prospects? Various observations illustrate the podcasting trend and its ongoing technological development. Radio directories e.g. now list podcasts beside radion stations and their broadcast streams. An example of the technological development is given by the latest software versions of the iTunes software. Now podcast can be streamed out of the cloud instead of the need to download the episodes. The already cited article by Digital Content Next mentions the difficulty to get reliable figures about listeners, people just downloading an episode or really listen to it. A remedy might be apps having similar features like the iTunes software. The conclusion of this development is a prosperous future for podcasting, even if in the future it might be given a new name by use of new technologies.

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