Social Networks create Media and Video Future

A number of innovative tools started within the last days by the big social networks Facebook and Twitter. These are driving the development and integration of visual media. Who observes the market for some time knows that formerly mainly independent developers used the api interfaces of social networks to provide innovative as well as useful tools. Now this is done by the networks themselves.

Twitter has launched two apps lately dedicated to broadcasting and content marketing. Live streaming apps have been around for some time already. These disappeared during up and downs of the internet business. At the beginning of the year the live streaming app Meerkat was started, which has a lot of coverage. Twitter responded by launching its own app called Periscope lately and as CNet reports Twitter restricted the access of Meerkat to the Twitter social graph. Might it regrettable or just in accordance with the policy of Twitter, it a sign of the importance of the ongoing development of the video and in this case especially the development of the live streaming market. Other participants of this market are Google with Hangouts and the booming YouNow community.

Even more far reaching and illustrating the ambitions of Twitter is the launch of a new service called Curator. This service combines some fundamental social media marketing features, analytics to identify trends and filter functions to extract the best content. Build on these basic functions is the actual intention of Curator. It is a content curation tool able to fetch related content and to display it on the web, on the mobile internet and within broadcast streams. The target group of publishers may use this Twitter service to capture content (feeds or whole discussion including rich media like photos and videos) and to integrate the content in their services. At all and by the inclusion of the apps described above a completely new infrastructure including live broadcasting comes up. Skype and mobile video has been seen already at television. This may happen to Periscope in the future and completely new content formats may arise.

Really no less exciting is the new app Riff launched by Facebook. It is a video app allowing the collaborative creation of video. The combination of Riff with the reach of Facebook has the power to revolutionize video and how it is created once again. Here is an example of a video created with Riff (An American in Paris Backstage) and the official Facebook post about the launch of the video app: Riff: Make Videos with Friends.

It is well known that the video market is booming, but one of the most interesting questions is what kind of new video formats will arise in the near future and how these will change both the creation of videos and how videos will be consumed.

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