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Rapt Media, itself an interactive video solution provider, is offering a download of a Forrester study about interactive video for free. The study in focussing on the use of interactive video in marketing campaigns and pronounces the various advantages: higher engagement and viewing time as well as higher conversion rates.

A most interesting detail regarding video campaigns is given by an example at the download site. It is mobile usage, which concerning the mentioned campaign is happening by 65% on mobile devices. Regarding this figure it has become most important to provide the right format to various screens, which in the case of Rapt Media happens by an up to date HTML5 technology. The viewing time of the example is above remarkable 4 minutes. During this time viewers interacted with the video three to four times. By this other success factors like brand recognition are obvious.

Unfortunately the report does not include the use of interactive video to create innovative formats of content, which of course is something else at all. But by studying the subject it is well known at this place that interactive video is used e.g. to create music videos in particular cases. Opposed to this the use within films to tell stories is still something we are waiting for even despite of early creations on cd and dvd. Today such stuff may be found rather in art or by innovative ways to use social media and in this case related to film for story development as well. Some innovative approaches of using Twitter are mentioned within the articles Twision: Twitter Television Is Here! … and Play ‘choose your own adventure’ on Twitter.

Here is the link to the download of the Forrester report: Get the Forrester Interactive Video Report.

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