Online Advertising Benchmark Report

An online advertising benchmark report has been released by Adobe Digital, which by its Adobe Marketing Cloud has become one of the most important online marketing services itself. The report includes data about clickrates and costs as well as the relationship of these figures for various online advertising formats. The Adobe Digital Index relies on 500 billion ad impressions of search engine advertising and 400 billion Facebook post impressions. A qualitative core statement is the now happening broad use of various formats for online marketing.

The quantitative data interpret the various relations of cpc and ctr for the big providers of search engine advertising. Regarding the Google advertising services the report has found an increase of 19% of ctr within the last year, which relates to an increase of costs by 8%. The Yahoo Bing services came up with different figures, unchanged ctr but an increase of costs by 7% being measured in cpc.

The figures about Facebook marketing deliver a controversial image for post-interaction rates (comments, likes, shares etc.) of different industries. The figures of the retail business have increased by 14%, whereas the figures of other industries remained equal or have decreased. Of most interest are the interaction rates for different kinds of posts. An increase is stated for links and videos, whereas the rates for images and texts again remain equal.

An excerpt of the results of the Adobe Digital Index is available by the article Marketers finally get Google and are more than fine with Facebook: ADI. The complete report is downloadable by the following link: Global Digital Advertising Report: Adobe Digital Index Q4 2014.

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