Content Marketing Scoring and Success Factors

Content marketing will remain one of the most important online marketing tools in 2015. So it is a nice topic for the first blog post in the new year.

Like it happens to social media marketing, which as all connects to content marketing by various points, evaluating the success of the content marketing is difficult. One problem e.g. is the valuation of Facebook Likes. For sure these are important to the Facebook rating system, but is this happening to Google as well? While in search engine optimization the so called social signals are discussed being seo factors, there is uncertainty regarding the causality (Are social signals a seo factor or may occur high rates by having done a good seo job already? In this context one needs to know that the Google algorithm is a secret and that seo is based on empirical research).

To evaluate content TheNextWeb has listed the mode of effect of some content scoring systems. There are Google and LinkedIn. The latter, the business network LinkedIn has become important to content marketing by having become a content destination. Google itself gave an official statement directed to the seo community, that it does not read Facebook Shares by having no access to Facebook data. But at the same time is has been stated, that it is possible to read the amount of shares mentioned within buttons at websites. LinkedIn as well does not use such external factors and rely on an internal algorithm to evaluate content within its network.

This brief excursus explains why the other content scoring systems mentioned are most interesting. These do take into account social signals of various kind. Described are the content scoring systems of the content marketing services kapos and uberflip, the social sharing service buzzfeed and the seo service moz. Further details about how the content scoring services operate are available in the article 7 indispensable (and free!) website graders and content scores.

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