Podcasting is booming

Podcasting, downloading multimedia files via a news feed, is booming. A first high podcasting had in the year 2000, when it has been invented. This invention led to products like the most popular iPod by Apple. Then and by the development of social media and other alternative sharing tools it became calmer. But podcasts never stopped to exist even on a high level by being accessible via e.g. the iTunes Software and Store.

Currently podcasting experiences a new boom and has reached a new all-time high in the US by 39 million subscribers in October 2014. It gets big media coverage by publications like the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal and popular online publicatons like Mobile Marketer. The causes rely in the widely adoption of new technologies such as smartphones, which are giving easy access to podcasts. Then there is a second new technology not spreaded less widely, car media. Todays car media devices are connected and enabling to listen to media via usb sticks, smartphones again or other means.

What are the features of podcasting and what makes it so popular? Podcasts can have both high coverage as well as provide niches with information or entertainment. In addition, users can put their own individual information or individual entertainment together. The downloaded media can be heard on the go on smartphones or by car media. Two examples regarding the particularities of content are marketingpodcasts.com and Podcast on Fire, the former one providing expert information and the second information about asian cinema. Podcasts are even a mean to distribute enterprise information.

The boom leads to the development of new services related to podcasting. Even in the time between the highs new services such as blubrry (podcast creation) and RawVoice (media hosting and tracking) have been launched. Pocket Casts, a so called podcatcher (software to subscribe to and download podcasts) already existing to be used on mobile phones, lately released a web version of its service (play.pocketcasts.com). The service Audello, which is dedicated to podcast marketing, has been launched lately.

About podcasts do exist some specialized information services such as Podcaster News as well as specialized directories and services of various kinds (s. Podcasting und Podcasts).

Finally, here is a an article featuring the media coverage mentioned above: Podcasts make a resurgence.

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