Is your Homepage affected by Google Updates?

The Google updates of its search engines algorithm are legendary and do face search engine optimizers constantly with new tasks. But how to determine whether the performance of a website has definitely changed due to a Google update or by other causes such as brisk competition? For this purpose, the following tools are recommended.

A complete comparison of the performance of a website to Google updates back to the year 2000 is made possible by the „Google Algorithm Change History“ provided by the search engine optimizers of MOZ. This list includes the major updates that take place several times a year. Additionally it is mentioned that Google makes hundreds of adjustments with less impact over the year: Google Algorithm Change History.

Currently a further Penguin update is awaited, Search Engine Watch reports. This time the consequences are awaited to be even more far-reaching as the update will need longer time and because of a re-assessment of a website will need a complete rerun of the update and this has to be expected again in 10 months. To check whether a site is affected by a Penguin update, the following tool is recommended: Penguin Penalty Analysis Tool.

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