Business Networks become Content Destinations

LinkedIn itself has published a study stating that content sharing on its business network increases dramatically. The motivation to do so is in accordance with the idea of content marketing, to improve the reputation. But LinkedIn at the same time becomes a primary source of content to „content revolutionaries“.

Regarding the general behavior of internet users this study is most remarkable regarding an early proposition that social networks may substitute search engines. This thesis has been ambitious and by taking in mind the intention of search engines and the different need of users it seemed exaggerated. But social networks today are a fact and such change of behavior is just notable: Why Professionals on LinkedIn consume and share Content.

Another study is documenting the trend of an extended use of social networks for shopping. Earlier findings showed that social networks contributed just a minor share to ecommerce traffic. This is changing as well. Whereas social networks are still described by underperforming compared to search engines, social networks are becoming more important by referring more traffic to ecommerce destinations: Social Platforms referring more valuable Traffic to E-Commerce Sites.

Last but not least here is a study about day times. It determines the day times with the most responses to brand posts on Facebook: Facebook Brand Post Interaction Rates, by Time of Day.

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