Native Advertising Study

Native advertising is still growing according to an up to date study by Hexagram and Spada, which is based on contacts by Hexagram, itself an advertising exchange for native ads.

The most popular forms of native advertising are blog posts and articles followed by streams insertations at Facebook, video, twitter and infographics. Interestingly these different forms are weighted differently by the participating groups as agencies and brands are using infographics, Twitter and video more often opposed to publishers.

Remarkable as well is the fact that native advertising is more popular with publishers (62%) than with agencies (34%) and brands (41%). This might be a case of logic, but on the other site to publishers new ways to generate revenues are most important. The completely different view on the site of agencies may wonder, but this is in accordance to the fact that brands and enterprises often do engage with smaller agencies specialized in online media.

Controversially as well are the evaluations of the ad effectiveness. Publishers do favor blog posts, articles and videos. On the other site agencies and brands have videos on top and have a better experience with Facebook and infographics than publishers.

The following link is pointing to an excerpts, the whole and comprehensive report may be downloaded here: Publishers Rank Native Ad Formats by Perceived Effectiveness.

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