Video Marketing Case Study

Online video has various forms, from the eagerly and long awaited video on demand to the booming and sudden arising of microvideo. As manifold as the formats are so are the possibilities of video marketing. The following is a case being both special as well as of general interest.

Subject of the case study are the products of Safety Dave, a supplier of first aid and security products to the automotive industry. By being an australian company it is most impacted by the asian competition with its often favourable prices. The company used video marketing to educate potential buyers about the difference of its products and the importance of quality compared to cheaper products on the market. Search terms have been researched typically used while searching to be informed about the safety products as well as search terms used during the buying process. The produced videos have been placed both within universal search results of mayor search engines as well as on video sharing portals.

The campaign fulfilled the aims to inform potential buyers about the importance of quality and by this to stabilize the selling of the products. To get further information about the case study read The Story Of Safety Dave And His Fast Ride To The Top Of YouTube [Case Study]

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