OECD Study about the State of the Internet

The OECD has released a comprehensive study about the state of the internet. The study refers to the OECD meeting 2008 in Seoul, where a declaration about the future of the internet has been released. Regarding the targets of the OECD usually this means the use of the internet for common welfare as well as the use to foster the economic development. Especially regarding the role of the internet related to the economy the study has a keynote. The study ascertains that the internet has reached a phase now in which itself does foster the economic development and that it is as well a mean to contribute to economic growth, innovation and participation.

The study is available by various spots. An overview including a review of the Declaration of Seoul is available by this special site about the Future of the Internet. It may be bought at the OECD iLibrary and is available to be read online by the followng link: The Internet Economy on the Rise.

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