The most important Content Marketing Channels

Content marketing is mentioned as one of the most important up to date online marketing strategies. The means to publish content, to distribute or let distribute content are numerous. Unisphere Research has surveyed the most used and most important strategies to enterprises.

At the first place are the classics website and email followed by public relations (70%) and social media (66%). The most important content being published is product information followed by best practices, thought leadership and company news. Less than 50% mention lifestyle information, which may because of the subject of the surveyed companies. But the kind of content published makes wondering as well as the primary goal mentioned by the surveyed companies is engagement, which is difficult to reach by rather unemotional facts.

Described controversially as well are the benefits of particular social networks and means. Regarding the engagement Facebook is on top followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and branded blogs. Contemplating the benefits these means are mentioned in reverse order with branded blogs being on top: Which Channels And Content Areas Are Deemed Most Important For Content Marketing?.

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