Transparency in the Programmatic and RTB Advertising Market

Programmatic advertising, the automated buying of online advertising, and RTB, the realtime bidding happening as well at advertising exchanges, the aggregators of online advertising, are rapidly increasing. Technologically the aggregation happens by api interfaces, which now leads to a next level in online advertising.

Two services have been launched lately aiming to bring transparency in this market, AdFin and Index Exchange. Both services do provide transparency regarding market prices of online advertising and additionally both services do have some particular features.

AdFin is combining the availability of prices with benchmarking functionality. User are able to upload their data to compare their performance to other market participants. These features are available to both advertisers to compare the performance of campaigns and to publishers to get the right impression of their market value and to negotiate offers. The data is provided by connected advertising exchanges and other platforms participating in the market. To learn more visit AdFin.

Index Exchange opposed to the analytical approach of AdFin is more pragmatic. The service is provided price transparency by industries and formats and does connect to the advertising exchanges directly or with the purpose of negotiations. By this Index Exchange to buyers and sellers is becoming something like a meta advertising exchange. Additionally Exchange is providing managed services to sellers enabling either to participate in an open environment or by a private exchange. To learn more visit Index Exchange.

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