Microvideo becomes prospering Advertising Medium

The microvideo formats and apps by Twitter (Vine) and Facebook (Instagram) are prominent. Since July Vine increased installed apps from 13 million to 40 million today. Instagram, originally a photo sharing app having become enriched by a video function, started with 130 million installations. Meanwhile and beside a handful of further microvideo services primarily dedicated to enable video status updates with MixBit another microvideo service has been launched, managed by the former YouTube founders Chad Hurley und Steve Chen.

This brief description tells about the acceptance and popularity of this young video format and by this marketers have entered the space. Beside own brand channels marketers now approach microvideo stars with some hundred thousand followers to make sponsoring and product placement offers. And they pay a good amount, typically around US$ 10000.- to be present within a six second video: These Vine Celebs Made $10,000 in Six Seconds on Their Mobile Phones.

The market itself is developing fast, tools become launched enhancing the functionality of the microvideo apps. An example is the MiroVideoConverter, which enables the download of otherwise after the upload from a smartphone only online available videos. This already results in a new format, e.g. compilations of several vine videos. These again may become most successful as well, like the compilation „Greatest Vines of 2013“ hosted on YouTube, which reaches 3 million views in just 4 days.

Other formats are on the horizon. MixBit includes a feature, which the other services do not have, the ability to combine up to 256 videos and to create a long version video. Last but not least Instagram enhanced its app by the latest update with an upload feature. By this videos now may become edited in advance.

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