HTML5 becomes an Online Advertising Standard

The usage of HMTL5 as a standard for websites and apps is continously increasing and forced e.g. by Google, which made the compatibility of web and mobile sites even a ranking factor. HTML5 is able to serve both and is as well a mean to create apps. This general compatibility has a growing acceptance already for some time and especially since the announcement of the HTML5 specifications by the W3C. This specifications now follows the annoucement of HTML5 specifications dedicated to online advertising by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The motivation to create HTML5 specifications for online advertising as well is motivated by the cross media compatibility. This is even due despite of the thesis to deliver different kinds of adverts to different media channels as at least elements of an advert may be used on different channels and the aspect of being compatible to all the various devices being on the market today. This is giving some guaranty regarding the presentability and to optimize the reach. A framework to digital advertising has been needed, because there are valuable specifications but still no standard. A standard by the way is expected to be announced in 2014 by the W3C. Currently the latter is giving some free space to developers to play with opportunities only available to particular apps or browsers. By this the guidelines of the IAB are a framework of practicable HTML5 features to optimize and rationalize the creation of online advertising: HTML5 for Digital Advertising 1.0: Guidance for Ad Designers & Creative Technologists.

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