Internet Marketing Review July

The internet marketing review and directory update July includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Payment and Project Management. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The update of July is showing an row of interesting and innovative services and has an own focus, which is personalization. Services on Personalization allways has been a particular part of the update and meanwhile a whole list exists able to fill an own rubric (s.a. Internet Marketing Innovations). This month a whole bundle of new personalization services is present, idio dedicated to personalized communications, Peerius to personalize content and idomoo providing a Solution to personalize the video experience.

Firmly connected to personalization is social media marketing, which by the available data enables the placement of ads in particular streams. In this context sharethrough is providing a native advertising solution.

A further interesting block consists of content management systems to distribute and to manage distributed content. Here the borders are blurring between online advertising and content in the sense of content marketing. Contempling this definition the following services are serving most similar needs, but only Contentful is describing itself by being a content management system to manage content and in this case content distributed aka published to various apps., a part of the crm solution provider, is coming from the other side meaning the side of social media advertising and does describe the promotion of content by being an alternate marketing instrument. In the more narrow context of being a cms solution acts Curatorr, which enables the management of content at Twitter and which at the same time enables to provide a rich media experience. Last but not least and in the context of a marketing instrument again Ahalogy provides a service to optimize the marketing at Pinterest.

Update July: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Payment and Payment Solutions

Like mentioned during the former updates about online payment this industry is most active. It is all about new concepts building trust and minimize risks. A good example is Balanced providing an online payment solution with an integrated trustee service.

Apps as well become a mean to manage money and payments. This is what Droplet does with its solution of a wallet carried by an app and offering a merchant solution at the same time. Furthermore something special has been launched in the german market, a solution to pay by scanning a qr code (sqwallet).

Furore still happens around the virtual currency Bitcoin. Beside ongoing happenings and most volatile ups and downs of the exchange quotes the example of the Bitcoin exchange service, which is present in 244 countries according to the website, showcases the ambitions of the project. A live presentation of by the way happened in Berlin in Germany again. This ongoing happenings have given reason to publish a list of information services and service providers.

Update July: Online Payment and Payment Solutions

Project Management and Collaborative Commerce

As well numerous as online payment services are services on project management and collaborative commerce. This time enterprise social networking and online conferencing solutions are focal points. Additionally is a row of services offering solutions to transfer large files is remarkable, which is solved either by email services enabling to manage large attachment or file sharing services dedicated to business use.

Update July: Project Management and Collaborative Commerce

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