Bing and Klout Cooperation becomes relevant to Search Engine Results

The Microsoft search engine Bing and Klout, the social influence measuring service, have announced a cooperation in September. The first result has been the appearance and evaluation of the scoring within the Bing search results. In the future this cooperation will lead to a further enrichment of the Bing search results and a new way to become visible.

The basis is a new feature introduced by the influence scoring service Klout called Klout Experts. This feature is a question and answer service provided to Klout members, who may answer question and show their knowledge in a further way. If a query happens on Bing, relevant answers may be displayed within the search results. And there is an even higher level with Bing may passing on potential future questions.

Currently the participation in Klout Experts is limited to a test group. To participate in the feature in the future a waiting list is announced at the homepage of Klout Experts.

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