Strong Mobile RTB Growth

Like reported lately realtime bidding for online advertising has a strong growth in general. And mentioned as well have been the multiplicating factors of mobile advertising to the overall rtb market. Regarding mobile rtb in particular the expert publication AdExchanger has gathered some facts provided by various mobile rtb services.

As it is to be expected by general trends the mobile advertising market and mobile rtb are growing and the mobile rtb market disproportionately. The ratio in October 2012 has been 60 to 40 in favor of mobile rtb. Furthermore research shows that mobile rtb has an overall better performance than advertising space acquired in common ways. The growth of the mobile advertising market has been expected to last at least until the end of the shopping season. But additionally no break in the growth has been observed in January, which is interpreted by the ongoing and general usage of mobile devices. Further facts are the popularity of rich media leading to a stronger performance by higher click through rates in addition. More details are available by the article Mobile RTB Overcame Holiday Concerns with a Strong Q4.

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