New special Social Media Advertising Formats

The social web has brought new forms of online advertising and targeting by its technological innovations often innovative in the same way and often based on a new quality of data. Well known for usage and new advertising formats at all is Facebook, which is providing such innovative forms internally within its own social network. The reason may be data protection, a statement which is opposed to common comments. Despite of this the annotation is useful in this context as the charming new advertising forms introduced in the following as well happen within proprietary social networks and by this do represent proprietary forms of social media advertising.

The first special social media advertising format is based on hash tags and called hashtag targeting, which at the same time happens in realtime. The company providing hashtag targeting is RadiumOne being active on Facebook elsewise already. Currently RadiumOne is offering hashtag targeting within its own social network, but intends to widen its offering to other social networks later on: #Avails: Yes, Now You Can Buy Hashtags Too.

The second special social media advertising format comes from the popular social comment service disqus. Lately the service has launched a service called Discovery Box, which is a proprietary content recommendation system. After the successful test of the system now by Promoted Discovery a follow up service has been introduced. Promoted Discovery enables participating websites for the first time to earn money by using the service. It is of interest as well that these services are in the trend of content promotion and the marketing of content covered within the latest update on internet marketing. Currently Promoted Discovery is still in an early phase: Discovery: Driving High Quality Traffic.

Last but not least a new service on Facebook marketing especially dedicated to the mobile use of Facebook has been launched. To mobile use special circumstances do occur, which in the simpliest way may be explained by tiny screens or personalization, meaning that means used on the web have their limits. This needs special attention as mobile usage at all becomes more important and in the case of Facebook already rose up to 600 million active mobile users. This need meets friend2friend with a new service characterized by being a self service to improve social engagement: Friend2Friend’s Social Engagement Platform Helps Brands Succeed On Facebook Mobile.

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