Facebook in Comparison to the Grey Zone of the Social Web

Facebook is a giant and reaches one in seven inhabitants of the earth by its one billion users. This is a phenomenon, but it even does not reach the population of China. This fast and own comparison does match the essence of an article by the Atlantic, which evaluates the real size of Facebook and by this does show the importance of the grey zone of the social web to marketing. This grey zone is described by Dark Social and consists of any mean of social communications not clearly measurable.

In this study the referer traffic of the Dark Social is measured by substracting other common sources of traffic like search engines. The result is a size of 56 to 69 percent of social traffic generated out of the Dark Social, which consists of applications like instant messaging, email, forums and the like. Compared to other popular social networks Facebook does generate about 50 % of social traffic. But this share shrinks to just about 20 % by taking into contemplation the Dark Social.

Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong

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