Essential Success Factors of Social Sharing

There are essential different success factors in social sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter, a study by Compendium shows. This is due to both the b2b and b2c segments.

A most remarkable discovery is the effect of questions within titles, a mean occasionally used to create catching headlines. In general the study shows, that headlines with question marks have lower click rates. The same is due to exclamation marks with the exception of the b2c segment on LinkedIn, where click rates by this mean do rise for about 27%.

A similar different effect to both networks has the use of hashtags, which in the b2b segment increase clickrates opposed to decreasing click rates in the b2c segment. Contrary within both networks is the length of messages with the b2b segment on LinkedIn prefering shorter messages and on Twitter longer messages than the b2c segment. The b2c segment on Twitter even prefer messages up to just five words: Code Buster For Selected Socials.

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