Internet Marketing Review October

The internet marketing review and directory update October includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Market Research and Big Data and Software Development. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The top issues this month in online marketing are rationalization and optimization and the means to do so may become devided in marketing automation, personalization and targeting.

A service combining these attributes is the already introduced service Datapop enabling to automaticly create search engine ads. Being active in search engine marketing as well is Chango, which is dedicated to retargeting in realtime and customer retention, something SundaySky is offering to video advertising. Customer retention again is what totango serves by its customer lifecycle management solution.

The optimization of marketing as well as campaigns meanwhile has become part of the already advanced status of mobile marketing. Such features are provided by AdMobius describing its service by audience management and targeting. Furthermore affiliate marketing becomes an established mobile advertising format, which is offered by the new services AppLift and KissMyAds. The latter additionally provides features on campaign optimization and marketing automation.

Social media marketing, which is always strong, again is presented by various services for different purposes, a description which may become significant in the future. It seems that the market has matured and that new services now serve particular purposes. Examples may be offering a social media marketing service for event promotion or Linqia, which at the same time is an example of advanced services, combining influencer marketing with content marketing by asking influencers to not just mention a service but for authentic stories. Last but not least a service connecting to the next topic of the update, Dataminr, a new service enabling realtime analytics of social media data.

Update October: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Market Research and Big Data Services

The term big data is synonymous to the large amounts of data available today, available to companies in particular or furthermore even multiplied by data aggregation on the web. By this big data is standing for a status of the ongoing development and is a buzz word at the same time to describe the trend on using these data. Some month ago a lack of an infrastructure to handle such amounts of data has been reported, something that is now served by a broad array of services. As current as the trend so are the means to process the data, which happens in realtime and by cloud services.

Realtime analytics effectively may be seen as a standard of big data services, which are to be distinguished by their subjects aka processing of a particular kind of data, internal data of enterprises or external data like data available on the social web and by their features to handle data. According to this description there are services providing data, enabling to gather and to upload data to be processed and analyzed. One of the most interesting services of the update is BrightContext being both a service to analyze data and a platform to create own application for particular needs.

As big data has to be understood as a trend it is corresponding to other market research areas as well as to processing enterprise data. This for instance happens to business intelligence services and web analytics, some further topics of the update. In particular to website analytics processing of data in realtime is a most significant trend again.

Update October: Online Market Research and Big Data Services

Software as a Service, Information and Services

The update on software as a service includes diverse services of different kind, which may become described by the terms business software, computing by backup services and electronic commerce. Beside this there are office applications providing infographics, document management services and by crm solutions services on internet marketing.

Update October: Software as a Service, Information and Services

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