Automated Creation of personalized Search Engine Ads

Personalization is a hot issue and regarding the personalized and automated creation of display ads there are already a couple of services around, a trend having started with teracent probably followed by others with various appoaches like Coginitive Match, Mashero or myThinks and more.

It may wonder that these features up to now have only been available to display media, which now changes by the market entry of DataPop. DataPop enables the automated creation of personalized text ads being placed at search engines aka search engine ads. Additionally DataPop uses advanced technology and in this case the current buzz of big data opposed to the approach of the services mentioned above mostly relying on behavioral targeting and by this relying on data gathered on own websites or the like.

DataPop is able to process own product data including brands, categories, pricing and shipment and more and on the side of users to process the user intent based on natural language processing as well as geo targeting combined with the evaluation of the bidding process and choice of relevant keywords on Bing and Google. To get further information about the features visit DataPop.

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