Product Placement within Online Video becomes a Trend

Video advertising has to be creative, this is the thesis of an article by Business Insider reporting about product placement within online video. This way the tactic to get the product in front of an already engaged audience is the creative case.

Indeed this observation is in conformity with own research covered by the latest internet marketing update listing MirriAd under internet marketing innovations and within the directory a whole list of product placement services already exists.

But being creative has been mentioned as a tactic and by this one may think about different approaches to get a product featured. There are the platforms mentioned and the other way may be contacting the publisher of a channel directly like it often happens to bloggers. The latter even has its own history on the internet already e.g. with the story about LG15, a teenager having become one of the first online video and web stars (A continuing story with the LG15 homepage and the two YouTube channels LG15 and LG15.). When the channel of LG15 has been on the rise one day she has been approached by cosmetic companies.

To get further information about the up to date occurrences read the article Brands Are Now Hiring YouTube Celebrities To Pitch Products.

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