Market Overview Real Time Bidding, Processes, Services and Trends

The market research company econsultancy has published an infographic about the real time bidding ecosphere. The graphic is giving an overview to the various processes as well as about particular market participants and names the various segments. These particular involved reaches are demand side platforms, trading desks and supply side platforms on the other side, connecting services aka ad exchanges and ad networks and further involved service providers, data partners and optimization platforms as well as ad verification and brand protection services.

The Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ecosystem: Infographic

Furthermore econsultancy has found a symbiosis between different channels resulting from data management. This enables granular targeting across various online channels, display, social media and video, as well as the integration of other channels providing data like crm, which is facilitated by the central management of data.

Real-Time Bidding meets Multichannel in a Data-Driven World: New Report

This context connects to an article by ExchangeWire based on a study by Forrester and TubeMogul. This article discusses the particular chances to video advertising in the context of data management and real time bidding. This as well will become most farreaching by influencing advertising on interactive television.

Study: Realising the RTB Video Opportunity For Brand Marketers, by TubeMogul & Forrester

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