Internet Marketing Review July

The internet marketing review and directory update July includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Software Development and Online Law. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

This month some interesting topics are represented by a couple of services. These are personalization, mobile marketing, rich media and smart tv as well as video marketing and of course last and not least social media marketing.

Personalization happens along the whole marketing value chain meaning personalization of content on websites (Parsely) or within search facilities by recommendation engines (nara) as well as to communications (Sailthru). Furthermore personalization happens to particular media formats like video marketing (Taboola). In addition and in the context of direct marketing and by this of course predestinated to personalization an interesting email advertising service has to named, the lately launched email advertising exchange ividence.

At mobile marketing services do correspond to the article the era of app optimization, the next step of the lifecycle management of apps. Specialized services like Distimo and Flurry are offering mobile app store analytics and app marketing optimization. Another interesting trend topic is the management of tags, which Ensighten is offering to both the web and the mobile internet (The Tag Revolution: Infographic; Digital Marketers report Benefits from implementing Tag Management).

Then and after the app revolution on the mobile internet a new and complex congeries arises by the evolution of interactive television. To be mentioned there are two or three general global trends. It is the hype about apps and the development of apps for the new generation of of smart tv devices confronting with the providers of set top boxes with their interfaces and in this context the current launch of Google TV in the UK. Beside these approaches there are the direct access of content on the web, which in part is designed to be used on the whole screen like it is provided e.g. by, and the second screen social tv experience with its facilities to communicate. Communications might be the key to the long term decision between these different ways of access. Currently and beside the exciting launch of Google TV the app model is represented with a couple of interesting services within the update. Here at first the Smart TV Alliance has to be mentioned enabling to develop apps compatible to devices of various smart tv manufacturers. Furthermore Buddy, a service already introduced in the article t-commerce gets pace, enables to develop apps being compatible to various device platforms, smart tv, smartphones as well as tablet systems. Last but not least by PlayJam there is a vertical service introduced with a game development platform to create gaming apps for smart tv devices.

Finally some video marketing services get attention. These are Cinsay, an in video commerce solution, and Vungle with its in app video ads. The latter and beside being exciting services at all may showcase the facility of apps to provide means to communicate in the context to the idea of communications being a success factor to interactive television. Google TV now may include Google+, the Google social network, which has not existed at the time of a former and less successful launch of Google TV in the US. The happenings just remain thrilling.

Update July: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Software Development, Platforms and Services

The update on software development comprises expert information, services and platforms. These services typically are designed in a modern way by integrated social networking facilities or offering business opportunities to buy or sell developer services.

The main focus is on web design and web development, which includes services to introduce mockups, app development again and testing services. By Modernizr and WYSIHTML5 applications for html5 development are included.

Update July: Online Trade, Shopping and B2B Markets

Online Law, Information and Applications

The rubric online law lists both expert information about online law as well as information services about general law and databases on patents or intellectual property. Information services means at the same time forums and social media to discuss and research particular topics. A further issue are applications and services to protect online content and to avoid plagiarism.

Update July: Online Law, Information and Applications

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