The Era of App Optimization

Apps have become an established format and the growth will continue as apps now are available across various platforms including smart tv. Nowadays and after an experimental and creation phase the lifecycle of apps gets into a new stage requiring to optimize the performance at all and because of high competition.

There are already various disciplines being recognized to optimize the launch of apps and campaigns to get reach like the search engine optimization on particular app marketplaces as well as improved targeting to place ads for apps in front of users with high affinity.

By these trends of acceptance and diversification apps have become a character of a long term investment with the need of being improved continuously, a MediaPost Blog article states. The attributes and means to do so are awareness of apps being used by individuals and having the capability of being personalized based on analysis of data. Furthermore apps may become a tool equal to crm, which means a tool to serve customers including cross and up selling opportunities.

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