T-Commerce gets Pace

The t-commerce, the new form of commercial usage of the television based on interactive media, gets pace now. Actually t-commerce is accompanying the development of the internet since its beginning, but never had enough reach beside some local peculiarities like the broad use of Web TV, an early console to access the internet on tv screens, in parts of Asia.

This is changing now profoundly, which at first is shown by up to date studies on the possession of hybrid tv devices and furthermore by ongoing development and the introduction of the latest generation of smart tv devices based on an app model being provided by most of the large manufacturers of tv sets. Additionally and beside other ways of access like game console this will become the new common standard by the popularity of internet content and making other formerly developed standards like MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) aimed to become the main standard of interactive tv rather obsolete.

This trend is supported by the strategy of the manufacturers to provide developer platforms to create smart tv apps, a strategy already often been proven to be successful on the internet. In this environment third party developers already are developing platforms to create universal smart tv apps to be used on platforms of various manufacturers. There are ConTV introduced in the latest Update on Internet Marketing and to added Buddy, which beyond smart tv is a universal app development platforms to all devices carrying apps.

The next step in this development of the new form of t-commerce has been the introduction of advertising marketplaces enabling to place adverts within such apps or the transported content. Such services are provided by adRise, an independent platform providing opportunities to place ads within smart tv apps as well as on other connected devices, and by Samsung, providing a proprietary marketplace to place ads within Samsung smart tv sets and other devices of the company like its most popular smartphones. By this the preconditions for the most popular business model of free content financed by advertisement are available. Now PayPal in cooperation with the cable tv provider Comcast and the online tv console provider TiVo do a further step by enabling payments on the tv screen like it is well used on the internet already: PayPal to Offer E-Commerce on TV Sets With Comcast, TiVo.

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