Social Media Marketing by Influence Targeting

The strategy to engage influencers to launch a successful social media campaign by seeding is well known. Means to get relevant contacts are personal analytics and reputation management services. At least the personal analytics services often are promoting themselves by being an intermediary to match influencers and marketers at the same time.

In a similar way but designed to be a marketplace from the beginning works Wingsplay, which itself calls a „viral video advertising platform“. The service is dedicated to social video advertising and does match influencers with advertisers. The influencers may choose from a pool of videos and post or share these videos on their blogs or at social networks. By doing so the influencers will be paid. Advertisers on the other hand may upload their videos onto the platform and may define parameters of their campaigns. These parameters may include dates, target groups as well as budget or cost per view. For more visit Wingsplay.

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