Samsung Advertising Marketplace for Smart TV Apps

The latest generation of interactive television integrates online content by tv apps, a business model supposed to follow the success of the mobile internet. This app tv model has been introduced by various large tv set manufacturers lately and typically comprises a developer portal offering information on how to create apps and a consumer portal to download and install these apps on their smart tv sets (s.a. Digital Media at the Internet Marketing Review Okctober 2011).

Regarding business models only a few information exists, but monetization by advertising and a paid app model being applyable. Now Samsung has introduced an own marketplace for online advertising, the Samsung AdHub. This marketplace is a portal for advertising on various devices, smart tv, smartphones and tablet computers, at the same time. The first announcement of the Samsung AdHub marketplace concerned mobile appvertising on Android smartphones. Currently by the Samsung AdHub’s SDK for Smart TV Applications a developer kit to create interactive advertising for smart tv apps has been introduced.

According to an article by Direct Marketing News the technology is provided by OpenX, a provider of adserver technologies and operator of realtime bidding marketplaces itself. Beside other things this technology enables realtime bidding. This already will bring big changes to tv advertising, bidding on tv advertising or at least tv appvertising in realtime, new and interactive advertising formats of course and how to be expected personalization or at least new kinds of targeting.

Further information about the new services on online advertising by Samsung is available at the homepage of the Samsung AdHub.

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