New Business Model to Online Advertising

The exchange of case studies against advertising inventory has been introduced as a new business model to online advertising at the Ad:Tech San Francisco. The idea is to use online advertising inventory for studies with online publishers providing the online advertising inventory in exchange to the results of conducted research using ad placements.

Indeed the ad inventory is provided for free in exchange of the conducted studies. Free of course led to rumours and controversial reactions by online publishers. But by the studies publishers gain insights into their performance of publications and market research just has its price. This makes the exchange a real business model helping to fill unused inventory instead of selling it at a loss.

Provider of the new business model is Measurable Media Labs, which operates like an advertising network. The founder is Neil Monnens, who already made furore in an early phase of the internet by new online advertising models becoming established later on. Further information about the background is available by the article below, for further information about the service visit Measurable Media Labs.

New Online Ad Model Gives Brands Inventory For Free, In Exchange For Case Study Results

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