Insights into Facebook Commerce

Payvment, provider of social commerce applications for Facebook, has released a study about marketing instruments used to advertise social commerce activities on Facebook.

Despite of being published by a Facebook commerce company the study is giving interesting insights into the social commerce and of the activities of Pavyment itself, a service being used by 100000 enterprises. By this a critical view may be needed regarding the statement that enterprises are doing Facebook commerce successfully opposed to controversial articles circulating lately that Facebook commerce up to now does not deliver substantial revenues. But this may be caused in the profiles of the companies surveyed as the typical company using Payvment has less than 500 fans, which at all meets the general trend of granualization of interests.

Anyhow the customers of Payvment do use any means to advertise their Facebook presences to gain success in an aggressive way, a term used in an article below. 37 % of the enterprises using Payvment are present on Facebook alone and 63 % additionally have a website with an online shop. The marketing instruments used to advertise their presence on Facebook in the order of popularity are Facebook Ads, links on own websites, Twitter, email advertising, print advertising, direct marketing and Google Ads.

Further details about the study are available by the articles below, about the Facebook commerce applications of the company at the homepage of Payvment.

Small Businesses Favor Facebook Selling

Small Businesses Bringing Traffic, Revenue to Facebook Through Facebook Commerce

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