Spontaneous Online Shopping by Prospecting

The online advertising service and technology provider DataXu has released a study on prospecting. Prospecting describes a strategy to introduce products similar to the one a user searched for or like an Online Media Daily article describes it to introduce a product a user does not know about it yet by online advertising. At all it is a similar strategy to up or cross selling happening by targeted online ads.

The results of the study, which is based on campaigns realized by DataXu, do show most promising results. Depending on industry segments prospecting does increase conversion rates by 150 percent. As in particular conversion rates are related to sales this behavior has to be compared to spontaneous shopping being related to an original shopping experience, a strategy marketers have been searched for a long time.

Below is the cited Online Media Daily article and the blog post by DataXu introducing the study including a link to download it.

Ad Retargeting Returns Higher Results With Prospecting

DataXu MarketPulse 10: Using Prospecting to Increase the Scale and Effectiveness of Retargeting

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