Dynamic Interest based Targeting in Realtime

RadiumOne is a young online advertising company, which comes up with both innovations and an interesting concept.

The advertising innovation once again takes online advertising and in this case interest based targeting to a new level. In this context targeting is based on data marketing with the data being gathered on the social web out of social graphs. RadiumOne realizes the interest based targeting in realtime and furthermore it is dynamic. Dynamically in this case means matched to the process of a conversation at the social web, the conversation itself and the sharing of information. To do so the company is using proprietory technologies.

Interesting at the same time is the way the company gets the information as RadiumOne itself is operating a couple of social media and networking services like the lately launched sharing service via.me. This again takes the company on another level, which based on the core business of providing online advertising services and by the supposed way to gather information becomes a provider of social networking platforms and does enter the content business in the sense of user generated content.

Further information about the company is available by the article below and at the company homepage RadiumOne.

RadiumOne Raises Another $50 Million

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