Internet Marketing Review March

The internet marketing review and directory update March includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Media Innovations and Online Shopping. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The current update is more than a significant sign for a couple of internet marketing trends. These are data marketing and interest based targeting, mobile and local marketing, social media marketing and crowd funding.

The continuing success of social networking already is more than a trend and may be compared to the changes of the society at all or to the importance of the internet to the society to be understood. An importance existing since the beginning and reasoning the discussion of particular issues on highest and even international political levels, which in part and in the case of privacy is still going on. The internet is mirroring the society and its variety, which at the same time is marked by individualization. This suits to the latest finding mentioned by the YouTube CEO that The Future of Content Is Niche Channels.

Exactly this is in accordance to the trend mentioned above and database marketing, precondition to interest based targeting, and giving marketers the option to such an exact targeting. Realization may happen by dynamic advertising media or new ad media formats like offered by Facebook using user messages. At the update this trend is served by accordantmedia, Gravity and TruSignal with their audience or interest based targeting as well as personalization of content based on interest graphs. As already mentioned in former articles the management and processing of the amount of data available today needs a whole infrastructure, something which is offered by Krux as a service to websites.

As being an individual channel at all and even a direct marketing channel mobile marketing is known since the beginning, which at the same time by localization is a channel for local marketing now. Here starts a further integration with the web (Swoop with local offers to be integrated into websites) and the direct contact to users now becomes available in realtime by services like momentfeed and Twelvefold Media. The converse approach is enabled by qr codes and scanning of information (, Tag my Doc). The technology of scanning codes is neutral and by this suitable to many purposes as Tag my Doc already shows with its services to distribute documents. A step further goes OpenLabel by combining barcode scanning with a social comment and review system.

Last but not least social media marketing is ongoing booming and shows the broadest range of new services. These include various tools, social media marketing and analytics services and by pinPuff a first analytics service for the rising social media star Pinterest.

Update March: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Media Innovations and Interactive Television

Media innovations are showing a couple of interesting new services and devices around interactive television. There are AlwaysInnovating and FXITech having developed computers no larger than an usb stick, which either become connected to a tv set by hdmi or usb interface and enabling to access internet content on tv screens.

A special role is dedicated to smartphones, which are becoming universal devices by increasing computing facilities. By this smartphones now go beyond being devices for remote control. New services like shodogg are making a computer obsolete and do use the smartphone as the device to stream video content on tv screens. The opposite is enabled by TvTak, which scans a tv screen, recognizes the current broadcast and delivers additional interactive services on the smartphone.

Update March: Media Innovations and Interactive Television

Online Shopping and Deals

Deals and coupons are still most popular topics in online shopping and like already mentioned above in combination with local offers. New trends are the launch of online shopping services being active on a global level, alternate solutions for reviews and niches.

Update March: Online Shopping and Deals

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