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The social video advertising and analytics service Visible Measures has released its yearly report on the performance of social video advertising. The results are positive regarding the acceptance and advertising efficiency, a fact already reported by various expert publications the last weeks concerning shared information aka shared advertising media in general. In advance of the results here is a brief definition of social video advertising to be found at ReelSEO. Social video advertising to common online video advertising differs by not being paid for every impression and the creation of media, the initialization and target to stimulate the engagement to optimize the reach.

It is also ReelSEO delivering a summary of the results including a couple of charts. The tendency in general is positive, the number of enterprises using social video advertising is increasing as well as the mentioned trends, a growing acceptance and engagement by the audience. The average of the campaigns surveyed does deliver about 750000 video views, a number including views generated by users only. To reach this kind of performance there are particular success factors like humor and celebrity. Another success factor is the launch day led by Thursday, which is already known being the most important weekday for campaigns by other marketing instruments. Below is the mentioned article with further facts, the whole report may be downloaded by subscription here: The 2011 Social Video Advertising Report.

The 2011 Social Video Advertising Report From Visible Measures

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