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Without doubt innovation is an important factor and in product development an alternative to the imitation of successful products. This is shown by the rising of Pinterest, a young social network already capturing the attention of online marketing.

For a couple of time the occurances around Pinterest are observed by this site and informational sources have been gathered. Now an up to date study by Shareaholic announced that the service has climbed up to place 5 in its referral traffic statistics, traffic from direct links beyond search: Pinterest | Social Media ROI | Earned Media | Cost of Loyal User. This importance is also shown within an infographic published just a couple of days before by Econsultancy: Pinterest’s role as a referrer for retailers grows: infographic.

So what is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social media service combining bookmarking and social networking components. The idea is some kind of pinboard to be used to post images, comment and share these images. These images refer to its sources, which lead to the described phenomenon of referral traffic. Because most of these images refer to products Pinterest is well described by the terms social commerce and social shopping as well. Here is the self introduction of Pinterest to be found at About.

Astonishingly compared to the social networking phenomenon in general, which at least in part may be characterized by fast communications is the fact that communications is less important to the members of Pinterest. Whereas typical forms of social media communications like following do exist, these kind of communications is less important according to interviews and research.

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In the same way astonishing is the fact that there is still an invitation needed to participate. But this may be achieved by submitting an email address at the site and already 4 million members do put this fact into perspective and suppose that achieving a membership must be easy. But at the same time it shows that the service is still in an early stage and that the service despite of investors seems not have defined finally its business model. Nevertheless a growing amount of articles do discuss business opportunities.

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Last but not least and reminding of the context at the top regarding innovation and imitation there already comes up at least one service having a similar look like Pinterest. Taking into mind the fact that Pinterest is used to 80 % by women it is a counterpart for men called Gentlemint.

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