Internet Marketing Review February

The internet marketing review and directory update February includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Market Research and eLearning. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The internet marketing innovations and new services of the February update in part are reflecting the mainstream of the development and are in part located in niches or bringing the advantages of the digital world to conventional marketing channels. Examples for the latter are adstruc offering a network for out of home media or ifbyphone with its voice marketing automation solution. Doing such in the frame of the younger development is Qriously, a mobile marketing and analysis service bringing sentiment analysis to the mobile world by substituting mobile advertising with questions.

The up to date mainstream in online marketing aka trend is served by data marketing services and services located at the sources of data, which means social media marketing and monitoring. Like it has been described in the article study about cases of data utilization in online marketing a whole new infrastructure is needed to process the large amount of data available today and such services now do arise. To be named there is Trendrr providing data to be used for ad targeting and other purposes.

An interesting announcement in this context came from 33Across, also mentioned within an article lately for its study on the effectiveness of targeting based on social graphs. The company announced having acquired TYNT, another social media analytics company, and by this doing possess 1.25 billion social and interest graph data sets and now possessing more such data sets than Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

According to the importance of this issue new social media analytics services are well represented within the social media marketing rubric. These are, Track Social, Trendiction and specialized on the music business musicmetric. Furthermore there are SocialMedia-Live und SocialBro specialized on Facebook and Twitter. A popularity of chart services by the way has been observed for online music.

Update February: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Market Research and Data Services

In online market research data services have been presented at first. Here platforms arose to aggregate and exchange data. This is a continuing trend going along with services specialized on other disciplines like benchmarking. And like the phrase about the need of a new infrastructure suggests new data platforms and marketplaces have been launched, Kasabi and Singly.

Update February: Online Market Research and Data Services

eLearning, Online Courses and eLearning Solutions

Independent to the data services trend is elearning, another strong growth segment of the electronic commerce. eLearning today is present in most different reaches and with most different services offering most different means. An ongoing strong development has to be expected with the growing implicitness of new media usage and ubiquity of the internet. Probably and by the integration of television and information sources available online the term edutainment will need a new definition in the near future.

The update on elearning includes expert information services, services to access and create seminars and webinars, online services for scholars as well as a numerous amount of online university courses and last but not least elearning solutions.

Update February: eLearning, Online Courses and eLearning Solutions

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