Data about Effectiveness of Targeting based on Social Graphs

This study is called the most comprehensive study about targeting based on social graphs and interests by MediaPost News. It has been conducted by 33across, a social media advertising solution provider.

As the company is in the social media advertising and especially the social targeting business itself the data need a critical view, but at the same time marketers agree that targeting based on the social graph and furthermore based on interests analysed by data relying on social graphs is one of the hottest topics now.

The results of the study are based on data gathered during eight months and 250 campaigns created by 100 consumer marketers. The facts are a significant increase of effectiveness regarding various parameters, the whole performance as well as an increased recognition of brands.

Data Reveals Social Graph Impacting Brand ‚Lift,‘ As Well As Direct Response

The Brand Graph – Q3-Q4 2011 Category Insights

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